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20.ª Conferência Internacional Gentle Teaching

20conferencia gentle teaching

logo gtiDe 17 a 19 de setembro decorreu na cidade de Ghent (Bélgica) a 20.ª Conferência Internacional Gentle Teaching, sob o tema "The relationship in support and care" e na qual a Associação QE participou através da comunicação apresentada pelo diretor do Centro de Investigação e Desenvolvimento QE, Dr. Miguel Mata.

"Project Methodology and the Development of Competences in People with IDD" foi a comunicação apresentada e incidiu na importância da metodologia de projeto na intervenção direcionada a adultos com dificuldades intelectuais e desenvolvimentais, no contexto de um Centro de Atividades Ocupacionais.

“Working with projects promotes participants’ heterogeneity to be mobilised as a development catalyser, allowing people with different competences to interact, engage and cooperate in order to achieve common goals. These pedagogical projects originate concrete products, that in some cases can provide financial revenue, giving meaning to individual and group work, aiming at the principle of externalisation in education.
From another perspective and bearing in mind the objective of authentic socio-professional inclusion, project methodology enables the tasks performed by participants in OC to be aligned with the work delivered in real community contexts, ensuring the effective transference of competences from the learning to the final context (educational isomorphism) and sustaining social support networks.
The potential of project methodology as a part of services provided in OC represents a gradual transition from a socio-occupational to a socio-professional paradigm, consubstantiating the development of functional competences, adaptive behaviour, companionship, the recognition of the social value of work and the acknowledgement of the true potential of people with IDD